Poems on Rape as a War Weapon

These are some excerpts from my poems on rape in Eastern Congo. These poems try to articulate the “unspeakable” that African women and children are experiencing on a daily basis as they are victims of rape and cruelties in war zones. For so long now, rape has been used as a weapon in civil wars and military conflicts in several parts in Africa. It is difficult to expect these rape survivors to speak their pain out. However, more and more, these women and children are willing to break their silence and step forward to testify despite the fact that they confront social taboos.

Constructed against this historical background, my poetic edifice, while trying to draw more attention to the plight of female war victims, attempts to provide a reflection on “testimony” as a form of resistance against gender-based crimes.


My heart will speak…

Fourteen men in the hut at the close of the day

Not long ago a woman a mother but now a play

Powerless desperately begging for mercy again

Shut your stinking mouth up you stupid hen

No one could rush to my rescue I knew

One between my thighs the others in a queue

My mate my offspring my babies forced to look

What no woman will gladly put in a book…

Email me at danielkahozi@yahoo.com for more…


My daughter my future is in the grave yours is still alive

My chances are gone yours have come for you to thrive

She was asleep in a basket at the foot of the observing tree

Branches and green leaves made a roof for this wicked vestry

Ô tree how long will you graciously offer your leafy shade

To those who pay no heed to life you costly made

My baby suddenly woke to hear her mother scream with agony

Soon the dark forest resounded with ear-piercing cacophony…

Email me at danielkahozi@yahoo.com for more…


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