War and Peace

There are books that make you feel guilty for not having read them five or ten years before. You just wonder why you didn’t hear about them before…I came across one of them this week, Susan Sontag’s book “Regarding the Pain of Others“. Can’t explain how/why I never heard of it before…hmhmmm. I read this book and I think of all the horrible images of the war in Eastern Congo: women raped, parentless children crying in the rain, running away from their burned village, shoeless hungry displaced people  walking towards the unknown…Is this a mere spectacle? Do we care? Who are “we”?

Poetry help me let off some of the “steam” that these stories and images of war build up in me. “War and Peace” is one of my favorite.


War and peace are friends they say

Until one day a taste of war they take

Then at last peace alone they praise

Black and white are two they think

Until one day the same blood they see

Then at last the same road they walk…

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