Africa, the future is not so bleak!

When Africans meet and start talking about all the challenges their continent is facing, many of them draw a hopeless picture of the future. It is true that there are some realities in many countries that could shake the confidence of the most optimistic observer: high rates of AIDS, violations of human and civil rights, ethnic conflicts, poverty, illiteracy….However, I do believe the “African case” is still within repair. Several decades of pain, violence, slavery, exploitation and death have not destroyed our abilities to shape a better future. May this poem rekindle the flame of our lost confidence:

Stop crying mum

Can’t you feel your exhausted eyes?

Their deep wells are running dry.

Tears, you wipe away never tell lies.

No more, you believe the sun will rise.

Stop crying mum

Dad they killed still live with us,

His voice of peace I hear tells us:

Keep your head up, your light on,

You stronger than you think, my son……

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